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Retro Game Crunch for Mac hits Steam with 20% off!

Retro Game Crunch is a series of 7 games, full of the charm and challenge of the 8-bit generation.

Each world feels like an authentic NES classic. This genre-spanning collection includes...

Super Clew Land — The game that started it all! Eat, evolve, and explore in this happy-go-lucky exploration-based platformer.

End of Line — A game about learning how to die. Figure out how to thwart autonomous repair bots in this puzzle adventure.

GAIAttack! — Gaia summons four champions to rise up and destroy the pillaging Sky Pirates. A beat ‘em up platformer for up to four players.

Paradox Lost — Abby survives her plane going down and comes across a gun that shoots time travel! A metroidvania spanning three eras.

Brains & Hearts — A two player card game that takes place inside Albert Einstein’s dream. Play against the CPU or a friend.

Shūten — A samurai shoot ‘em up for one or two players. Owari’s village is trampled as ancient gods awaken. He takes up sword to end them.

Along with my personal favourite

Wub-Wub Wescue — A pug must brave the jungle and navigate its treacherous rhythms, all to rescue his master. An early 80’s arcade platformer.

I mean come on, who doesn't love Pugs that can get with a funky beat.

Whether you're a retro game fan, or just want to play some awesome games; Retro Game Crunch has you covered with some unique, interesting, and extremely fun games.

Why not head over to Steam right now and pic it up.

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