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Kill the Bad Guy - Out now for Mac

Want to teach those awful bad people a lesson? Want to stop crime from spreading?

Don't be Batman, he doesn't do much. Why not use a bit of a permanent solution?

Let the gore hit the floor ... and splatter just about everywhere else. Independent game developer, Exkee today announced that their gory puzzler, Kill The Bad Guy, is now available on Steam and other digital platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Kill The Bad Guy is a puzzle-based game with a seemingly calm, utopian atmosphere, but in actuality, it is a veritable playground for which to serve vile evil doers their just desserts! Players will act as a shadowy justice, manipulating the tangible world from afar as the unsuspecting Bad Guy goes about his day.

  • OVER 60 LEVELS - Track Bad Guys across 60 original levels, plus 6 unlockable bonus levels

  • USE YOUR ENVIRONMENT - Make full use of all the different traps available. Sabotage vehicles, transform daily objects into weapons, and combine different elements in order to create deadly new ones.

  • INSTANT REPLAYS - Become the perfect assassin by using the game's replay feature. Get the top score, fulfill secondary objectives, find new ways to kill each Bad Guy, and perfect your justice skills.

  • SOCIAL SHARING - Show off your killing prowess by sharing your achievements and screenshots of your trophy kills with your friends. Prove that you are the world's top justice seeker!

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