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The Witcher Adventure Game closed Beta starting soon

The Witcher Adventure Game, a digital version of the tabletop, Android and iOS board game from developer CD Projekt Red, will soon be headed to Mac and PC.

You can sign up for the closed beta through CD Projekt’s new GOG Galaxy platform.

The beta will be multiplayer, and you will be handed two keys so you can play with a friend – even if they are on Steam.

Scheduled to be released this summer, followed by iOS and Android, along with the proper tabletop version due the third quarter for the year. Which will cost you $39.99, and although there are no prices announced for the Windows, and OSX, it doesn't look like it will be free to play.

It's certianly something to look forward, to whether you're a fan of the Witcher books, and games or just good tabletop games in general.

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