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Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly Early Access Impressions

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly has just launched on Steam Early Access for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Claiming to be an emergent adventure game, about creating your very own emergent adventure games.

It makes one wonder if it might just be trying to reach a bit too much. After all, maybe it’s either just a game creation tool, or just a point n click adventure. Could it possible be both, and actually good at both?

Well now, in simple terms; Yes.


The game is spit into its two main components, Adventurezator, which is a rather detailed system for creating your own point n click adventure games. By detailed, I mean just that. Everything from unique characters, cut scenes, and levels can be created so far. With the option later to tie them all together in a campaign creator.

It’s simple to use, and rather intuitive, as shown in my first impressions video. Among it’s rather plentiful objects, and creation settings, it also allows the user to import images, sounds, music, and more. Featuring a rather detailed little NLE editor for creating your cut scenes and will access to any folder on your system to import needed files.

If you’ve ever played the Sims, or a similar game; you can easily create a level, building or forrest with rather amazing cartoony detail. A rather pleasant system indeed, and if they continue to add more it will only get better.


This brings us to When Pigs Fly; the point and click adventure game what according to the developers was made entirely using Adventurezator. After playing around in it, can certainly see this as being true.

You only have the option of a ‘Quickie’ though, 4 pre-completed levels to play. The Arena is a mess in my opinion. Without so much as a even a single que or popup telling me what’s going on I was quickly mangled by a rather large bear. There were no instructions on how to fight, much less what to actually even do.

Frustratingly I left to explore the When Pigs Fly chapters that are the point and click.

They’re actually rather good, although once again there aren’t any instructions on how to play. There are some objective in the top left corner however.

Sadly shortly after starting I was left confused and frustrated once again. Unable to complete a prime objective, or simply talking to a Zookwinkle. Now matter how many times I clicked, wandered about or interacted with the little gnome, I was unable to engage him in dialogue. Frustratingly I felt like just giving up and writing off the game entirely.


Good thing I didn’t, as I chose instead to play the other two Quickies, and oh my are they good. The lack of gameplay instructions did mate it tough, and I did fail a few times. Yet in the end I completed both, and found I had actually enjoyed the experience. The puzzles weren’t so much as complex and difficult to solve, as much as the gameplay and mechanics needed some polish. Easily forgiven, as the game is still in the Alpha changes at the time of writing this.

You really need to explore and hover your mouse cursor over every little nook, cranny and object to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I was also rather delighted at the fact that instead of simply evading the three bears to steal their food; I could wield an axe and murder all of them. Including the little bear cub that though I was his nanny. Such sadistic freedom made me chuckle, as I stood axe in hand over the bodies of these bears. Blood slowly pooling at my feet. Bacon might be their favourite food; but on this day the bacon made them pay.All in all Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly has some amazing potential, and despite some gameplay issues all relating to their point and click the rest is rather wonderful. The toolset is perfect for people that want to create their own adventures, and once the game is completed sharing these with the community will easily expand the game and keep the community happy and engaged.

Pigasus Games have given people the tools with which to create their own unique stories, whether these are feats of heroism, or madness incarnate. This is certainly worth trying, and keeping an eye on for both the tool set, and their adventure game.

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