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Toast Time - Review

What is Toast Time?

A bloody good little game! That's what.

Get hyped up on coffee and go save breakfast from evil little buggers, that want to do nothing more than to deprive you of your syrupy dripping noms first thing in the morning.

In it, you're Terry. A rapid firing toast launching toaster, that needs to save the best meal of the day.

The entire game is controlled via the mouse, once you fire a slice you're hurled back by the force of the recoil. Which you can then use to navigate the little map to ensure you can dispose of the breakfast crashing buggers!

Like doughnuts? SURE, fire a bajillion of them at whatever the hell those evil little things are. French toast, bagels, baguettes, and more! Just lob them all over over the place, and protect that little alarm clock.

The graphics might be the pinnacle of old school, but it complements the game perfectly, and the music is outstanding.

Toast time, is simply fun. Pure fun, condensed into silliness, and I enjoy it.

It's easy to overlook the direct port, with just added mouse controls; as the game is still in portrait mode. It simply doesn't matter due to have addictive and fun the little game can be.

I would heartily recommend this to anyone that just wants some toast filled fun. Even more so if you want to get it on a mobile device.

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