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Wasteland 2 is out! Welcome back Daddy of Fallout

Wasteland2 is an absolute joy to play, and blast from the past!

The grandfather of the Fallout series is back, and it does so wonderfully. Addictive gameplay, and with enough depth to drown 50 toddlers in.

The graphics might not be stellar, but the gameplay more than makes up for it. It's just that good, and you can really make some interesting choices.

As I attempted to free a scientist stuck in vines, I accidentally chopped his head off. All because I didn't have the outdoorsman skill. The same can apply to cyber hacking, lock picking, and even brute forcing your way through walls.

The game is so complex it can feel as if someone is bashing your face with an encyclopaedia . You can easily muck up and create a useless character, but you can quickly rectify it, and there are a healthy variety of pre-made characters to choose from for your team.

The turn-based tactical combat is simply a blast, especially if you're a fan of the first two Fallout games, and XCOM; never mid the original Wasteland.

I would happily recommend the game to any one that either liked the original, or any of the Fallout games, even XCOM fans.

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