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Total War ROME II Snuck it's way on the Mac in bad form.

Recently ROME II snuck its way onto the Mac, and this time it seems Creative Assembly ported the game themselves as opposed to allowing Feral Interactive do it. Strange, given that Feral has ported all the previous games and did a spectacular job.

ROME II is simply not worth buying for Mac. The port is bad, and that's being very generous. It acts, and plays like WINE wrapped game, with horribly long loading times, and even worse graphical issues.

Many users including myself are also having the game miss detect graphics memory. Usually only having 1/3 or 1/4 of actual VRAM usable. As such people with 4GB cards like the GTX 780m, or desktop GTX 780s only reporting 521MB or usable VRAM.

As such they're unable to play on anything but low graphical settings.

The game also suffers from severe graphical glitching, texture popping, and is barely playable at High settings.

Selecting anything above High, not only crashes the game, but has caused my system to hard reboot itself 3 times so far.

Due to the bad graphical issues, ranged unit's firing arcs are not visible.

The game is playable on hamstrung settings, but even then is a far cry from other Total War games. The AI is very dumb, often simply standing there as they're bing charged at, and units refuse to carry out orders.

I'm very disappointed in the game, and simply can't recommend it to anyone on a Mac.

I can't help but feel that if Feral Interactive had done the game, it would be in a far better position than it is right now.

It's simply broken, and not worth the current price what so ever.

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