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Pier Solar and the great Architects arrives! The SEGA Mega Drive lives again!

September 30, 2014

WaterMelon have simply outdone themselves.

Pier Solar is a fantastic game, and I've never liked nor finished a JRPG before. This changes it all, it makes me wish I had a SEGA MegaDrive just to play this new HD+ remake on. Written Impression below



It looks, sounds, and plays wonderfully. The story started off rather strangely, and didn't grip me at first, due to it being a simple, kids need to save a father.

During that part of the game, you discover ancient runes, a new language, and magic happens. Changing everything from there on you finally start your grand adventure, and venture into the world.


I really enjoy the game, and having the options to play with the original graphics and sound track is also a very nice touch.


I would happily recommend the game to fans of RPG, and particularly JRPGs like Chronotrigger and the first Final Fantasy games

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