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Worlds of Magic - Mac First Impressions

While the underlying game is good, and it's a nice 4X; since launch it has constantly crashed and been unplayable on my Mac. As such my first impression was done using Windows.

The game is a very well made 4X, the graphics are good, and the gameplay interesting; it's just far too slow. It plays like Civ 5 set to the Epic gameplay mode. The game is drawn out simply by making production and growth take a silly amount of turns. Therefore making the game boring.

Early exploration is discouraged as roaming independents will always attack and try to take over your city. As such you have to prioritize defence. This means that for the majority of the early gameplay you might as well just get a book, or watch a show while selecting things to build, and research as there's nothing to do.

When you finally get into combat, it loads a little arena, Although unlike Age of Wonders, when defending your city you're not taken to the city. You can't man the walls, block gate, and defend a siege. It's all the same few arenas, which are all open; except for some rocks and logs here and there.

Due to it's horrible slow paced gameplay, bad combat, and being unplayable on a platform they're selling it on; I simply can't recommend it. Since it's launch on Steam it's been unplayable on my Mac, and it is to this day.

Maybe one day they might fix it, until then don't bother.

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