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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel hits OS X, Windows, and Linux

An absolute brilliant continuation from the previous games and is a narration by Athene the gladiator.

It's fascinating to see what transpired to turn Jack into the mad world dominating psychopath that we all hated so much in the second game.

The new gravity mechanics, characters, and weapons are simply pure fun. Nothing like freezing an Australian midget mid air with a Cryo weapon and watching them shatter on impact on the ground.

The new energy weapons are a great addition, and extremely fun with their special affects, easily complementing the standard arsenal. It does make me wonder why these lovely aren't available on Pandora as they take the cake.

Aspyr Media also outdid themselves with the Mac and Linux ports. Their performance is astounding, and it's sublime being able to max out the game on a Mac at 3440x1440.

Kudos to them for their hard work, and launching the games on the same day as their Windows variant.

I would happily recommend The Pre-Sequel to any fan of the series. It's just darn fun, and and very good FPS with a good plot, and whacky mechanics.

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