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Ryse: Son of Rome - Mac & Slash

When I originally saw the game on the Xbox it didn't impress me at all. It looked like a QTE fest with nothing to it.

I've changed my mind since playing it on the PC. It looks fantastic, and plays extremely well. It's a fun hack n slash with QTE's for finishers/executions.

I'm a bit of a sucker for games like this, and I feel Crytek did a great job. Especially on the PC port. The controls are extremely good, responsive, and tight. While the game not only looks good, which is expected from Crytek by now; but it also runs very well. In stark contrast to the Evil Within which was a disaster for me, from graphics, controls, gameplay, and performance.

The story might not be very detailed and in-depth but it's fun, and I certainly have been enjoying. I do think it could be fleshed out more, and more details and gameplay added into to compensate it. It feels that each part of the games just jumps too far ahead with gaps in between. Although I have certainly been enjoying it.


The animation quality is what helps make the game. The combat just flows beautifully, and the good graphics, lighting, and motion blur adds to it quite well.

I actually don't mind the QTE executions and kind of like them by now. It makes the game feel as if you're in the movie Gladiator or the show Spartacus. Although without all the blood. The game has a surprising lack of blood when dismembering people.

The upgrade system is extremely basic, and it's very easy to max out as well. Especially if you select XP as your bonus for killing foes. You build up Valour so quickly it never feels like you might be missing out on an important upgrade. Which none of them really are. They're all focused on just gathering more of the same points, carrying extra Pilas, or building up focus faster.


The game is a little short for my liking, but it was still a lot of fun for what it is. Which is a good hack n slash, with very good mechanics. Although they could do with removing the auto aim Scorpion from the the PC version.

Even so I would easily recommend it to someone that wants a good Hack N Slash. Just don't expect the most in-depth mechanics and story line.

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