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Devil's Dare 悪魔の挑戦 - Cosplay Warriors

Devil's Dare is a fantastic little game. Taking place at a convention where the zombie apocalypse decides to appear, you play a cosplayer desperate to save themselves. Also that annoying little fairy from the Zelda games appears to grant you magical powers.

I suspect there are no powers, and that the characters are just extremely high, as all their weapons first appear to be normal items, like a mop, spanners, or pipe. - Extended written part below.

The game's graphics are lovely, and I've always had a soft spot for pixel art. The animations are extremely well done, and it's very enjoyable.

The tutorial is well crafted and is the first level, although you have the option to skip it and choose from 1 of 4 escape routes to battle through.

Each gets longer and hander as you progress and boss at the end of each.

Nothing says fun like bashing some face huggers in the face with a golden axe ( mop ).

The four bosses I've encountered so far are very challenging, and a lot of fun. You'd be hard pressed not to know where they're from or the references.

Still the game mechanics, and music are brilliant. My only complaint is that the game is played in 1024x768, and running it in full screen results in a tiny window with black surrounding it.

You have 4 player local co op as well. Either on keyboards, or controllers. The game has partial controller support, which means you simply need to bind the keys in the options to what ever you one. I would strongly recommend it, as it plays very well with a controller afterwards.

Sadly, I'm terrible at the game, I've yet to beat a boss. Which means I lose my saved games.

Once you die you can pay a certain amount of gold to revive yourself. It start out at $1000, which you collect from killing enemies and performing fatalities. Once you've revived once, each consecutive revive increases the price.

So you're forced to perform awesome finisher moves to get the extra gold, or a much needed food drop.

There are also 2 unlock able characters, although, who knows what they are. As much as I enjoy the game, my skills might prevent me from unlocking them any time soon.

Even so, if you're a fan of Streets of Rage , or Double Dragon this is a fun game to try.

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