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Project Nimbus - Early Access Thoughts

A very fun, and fast paced Mecha game.

I've certainly been enjoying it although it does have a few issues. Mainly some frame drops here and there when the action gets heavy and I've had 4 crash to desktop issues. Despite those though It has been very fun, and you really need to constantly keep moving otherwise you risk getting shot down very quickly. The boss fights start off easy, and then BAM! You're in the deep end, pushing your skills to the max. It's a good thing the handling and movement is pretty solid, as is the combat. It's very fun, although you can tell it's still in Early Access. The story feels a little disjointed, and needs some work. The voice acting is very good though, and the game plays a lot of the old Playstation 2 Zone of the Enders, and Gundam games. The graphics aren't spectacular though, but considering t's till in Alpha it's not bad, and the gameplay more than makes up for it. Now if only I was a good enough pilot to take out the one massive boss that's kicking me to pieces.

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