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Loot Hero DX

I've always had a softspot for Pixel art, the Loot Hero DX ticks all the boxes. It's rather simple though, you run from side to side impaling enemies with your lance, collect the loot they drop, upgrade your items and speed and repeat. You do this over and over through different areas, and monsters until you finally reach the dragon and dispatch him.

Afterwards the game restarts and you continue on, with the same game, but more difficult each time. Killing the dragon does rescue a single miner though and it unlocks the mine. They'll slowly collect loot for you, but honestly it's not needed. As shown in the second half of my little video, you can become utterly god-like and just demolish everything. Now the game does get extremely repetitive, unless you simply can't get enough, or you need all the achievements available; but I still enjoy it. The music and art is lovely, and I do hope the developer will expand on the game and later turn it into a platformer/sidescrolling adventure game. I would really enjoy it. As it stands, is it worth the asking price? I personally think so. It's great for bouts of fun, and I couldn't help but giggle to myself as I essentially turned into an armour wearing jousting sonic of death.

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