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No Time To Explain Remastered

An absolute little blast. It starts off with a bang and throws you head first into your time travelling alternate dimension journey.

It starts of silly, and gets crazier as time goes on. I think this is a real little gem of a game, although it could do with being priced a little lower. Your basic weapon is a giant laser like beam weapon you both use to fight the giant beast attacking your future self, and to propel yourself around the map and obstacles. The mechanics are simple, propel yourself around spikes, traps and and platforms to catch up to your currently being mutilated future self and save him. It's not easy though, it's really not easy; but the music, sense of urgency, and cries from your future self are hilarious and blood pumping. Did I mention there are hats? Yes, you can collect hats through the zones, and secret little areas and become all the fashionable rage as you travel through space and time battling space crabs and saving yourself. You can also press spacebar and do a little jiggle dance. For extra awesomeness get the funkiest hat, and jiggle and laser your way through dimensions. After finishing a set of areas and a boss battle, you get to the starting area with floating orbs. Blow these up and you have a portal to yet another dimension, with new enemies and yet another self that needs saving as they're being mauled. It really is a fun little game, it might not look like it has a story but it does. As convoluted and confusing it might appear as you play at first. Things do make a bit more sense as you progress. It's darn fun, the looks well and plays well. If it has a leaderboard I'd probably always be at the bottom, but hell it's fun. Biggest issue is the price, it's a good game. Is it worth €14,99 though? That's hard to say.

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