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Broken Bots

What an interesting little game.

It's a Team Online-Multiplayer game with several game modes, all of which are classics. Team Death Match, Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill, with a few variations of these. Everyone plays a bot, and there are a few to choose from. Each with their own little stats and weapons, although sadly customisation is very very minimal. You can select some active skills ( 2 ), and 4 passives. That's it. I would have liked if you could actually customise your bot's look and weapons more as it seems rather funky that the smallest one with smallest looking weapons is actually the heaviest with the largest rocket launchers around. The game is entirely meant to be played online, which could be very very problematic as so few people are online. Then again the game is only Just out, so it might pick up online. It would have been better if there was even a small little single player campaign, even if only for the tutorial; which at the moment is just text and some animations of bots and a generator. It's not bad, and it gets the point across but I feel it could do with more there. In regards to single player, at the moment all it is, is the online matches played against bots. Similar to games of old, if there aren't enough people online the teams get filled with Bots. Their A.I can be lacking at times, and I've seen my team flag runner often getting stuck on another friendly bot. Gameplay wise it's rather fun, and I do like the music. It's not hard to pick up at all and that's partially due to familiar game modes, controls and limited customisation. You simply quickly select your perks and get in there blasting. At any time during the match you can simply press T, which brings up the original Bot menu. Here you can select a new bot or change your actives and passives. That's it really. It's kinda fun, but nothing stellar. Although like most online focused games will be substantially improved when playing with and against friends over Voice Comms.

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