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Party Hard

Simply fun! Party Hard puts you in the shoes of effectively a 90's Slasher movie, where you are the serial killer.

You travel the country going party to party, silencing the fun, and ending all heavy parties you can. In between each level is a rather interesting little narration/interview where a police detective is being interviewed about the case and what they tried to do to catch you.

It makes the rather long loading screens bearable , as this takes place during each level. The soundtrack is also great, although I would have liked if more tracks were played during each level. For me it takes an average of 30 minutes per Party; and during that time difference music would be fantastic.

As mentioned the average level takes me around 30 minutes, this is because you have to be rather patient during your kills.

You can't just go nuts and slash madly, you have take your time; wait for someone to be isolated and then deal with them. Accidents are key though, and the more the better. Sabotage items, and have people fall for that. That way you don't have the attention drawn to you.

Even with as many precautions as possible though, make sure you are Never spotted near a body. Even if it was an accident, if no one saw the accident, and they then see you they will instantly connect you to the death and call the police.

If the police is called on you though, you can escape them. First you can try and find a change of clothes, that'll make them lose you right away. The other method is to use trap doors to move between areas. Eventually the police officer will get tired and just leave.

Once this happens though; Mario shows up and proceeds the lock and block off these escape routes.

Occasionally you also need to deal with Bouncers; which will beat you down until you die. Avoid them, until you get the chance to take them down which can be a challenge.

All in all Party Hard is a heck of a lot of fun. I've played 6 levels so far and I'm still really enjoying it. I would happily recommend it to anyone.

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