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Zombie Vikings

Talk about simple madness and fun! I really like the game.

Filled with absolutely cringey and hilarious humour you are one of four zombie vikings sent on a quest to get Odin's eye. The game is certainly made for multiplayer in similar fashion to that of Castle Crashers, but even alone it is still wonderful. Lots of voice acting, cut scenes and humor to blend it all together. Along with lots and lots of slaughter, which you clearly can't have without the accompanying laughter. Hedgy is my favourite hero, half man half porcupine zombie; and a being of few words. The art style is simply great, everything is 2D to the extreme and suits the game rather well. During combat or cutscenes you'll notice that when a character turns they are simply a thin line when looked on from the side. It's a little detail I really appreciate. Combat mechanics are very simple. Once again every smash-em up like. Fast weak attacks, jump, block/roll and a special. Each character does play very differently. Everything from small and fast, to slow and very powerful. Also if you play single player you get Piggy to help you on your journey. He can give you a boost into the air to do a devastating dive bomb attack; or he can carrying a cannon on his back. He's also small enough to be used as a projectile himself. Simply pick him up and charge up a throw attack. This actually combos rather well with his cannon barrage. Slap him to start the cannon and then pick him up and run around blowing things up. Story wise, the game is very witty. Although if you don't like american humor and mannerisms you won't like the game too much. Even so I think they do suit the game, and the detail and amount of voice acting really adds to the game. Even some simple enemies are voiced over, and can have a go at you during combat. Some of it, well, a lot is also downright cringey. This is either a positive, or negative depending on who you are and what you like. The game wouldn't be complete without some loot though. You are vikings after all; so while you smash everything in sight collect as many coins as you can. These can be used to buy new weapons you've unlocked and runes which add anything from extra health to movement speed. Be warned though, the average weapon is rather expensive, so if you do get the chance try and do some side quests. I helped a certain fluffy monarch and got a cat on a stick as a weapon. It's a great weapon. All in all, Zombie Vikings is simply a blast and I would heartily recommend it to any fans of the genre that like silly games and some cringey dialogue.

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