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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Performance

The new Deus Ex has finally released after being hotly anticipated; although sadly it seems to be plagued with performance issues. Despite using the same engine as the latest Hitman; performance, even on the latest top end cards appear to be lacklustre if one looks at Steam reviews. As such I decided to see for myself, using the Fury X; AMD's current top end GPU. Sadly it seems the reports are true, even at 1080p the performance is poor at Ultra settings. Especially since the game isn't nearly as visually striking compared to the likes of Crysis 3, or even DOOM. Both of which run significantly better, and the latter being far superior. The game certainly needs a good few performance patches, and it's worth noting that the DirectX 12 code path has not been fully implemented either. Time will tell if this is another Batman Arkham Knight performance wise.

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