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Lovely Planet - Review

Play it!

Yup, I think I can stop writing now. Those two words sum it up. Oh? You want to know why?


So Lovely Planet; just what is this bizarre looking, and named game? In simple terms, it’s a time trial first-person-shooter, with amazing music.

Many might get all giddy over the colours, and yes, the game is certainly colourful. Employing soft pastel-like colours up the hooha.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 15.21.18.png

Personally I think it’s the music that makes this game. It’s beautiful, fun, energetic; and it makes you want to go faster, play more and just had a very good time.

The music is simply amazingly, I just can’t get enough of it. As I play, I want more, I need to get more, so I need to play more, get deeper into the game and keep on going.

It’s somewhat faced paced, while remaining delightful, and this is exemplified by the fact that the game runs really well. It’s fast paced, smooth, and will wreak havoc on you if you twitch with a sensitive mouse.

The developers claim it’s designed for 60fps, and they’re certainly telling the truth. The mechanics, and gameplay need to be smooth and respond to reactions well.

In the game you just have to save the lovely planet from some nasty buggers. Who all happen to be pink. How dare such a colour invade and disrupt the harmony of this lovely world!

Eliminate them; all. With your trust semi-automatic block thrower, as you run and ballet jump over obstacles and deadly pink goo.

The game takes FPS games back to basics. It removes all the bland and boring colour pallets we’re so use to. Those dull browns and greys, adds in some old school reactionary shooting, and fast movements and then tops it off with fun. Yup, pure fun.

There’s no dark overlord or grizzled soldiering here. It’s a mix between old Unreal Tournament and Katamari Damacy. Which could easily explain why I find the game so compelling and refreshing.

There isn’t much else to say, I simply enjoy this game. I suck at it, horribly so. Yet I enjoy it.

The colours, music, and gameplay mechanics blend together really well and leads to an enormously enjoyable experience.

Just play it, buy it and play it. It’s just so darn fun.

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