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Pixel Galaxy

A simple and fun game, that's rather difficult to master.

As a vulnerable you need to hit and attach other pixels, especially shooting ones to do your fighting for you. This becomes rather difficult as if they easily kill you as one hit and you're done for. Due to this you really need to acquire as many pixels as possible as they need to be your shields, and get destroyed. You can also rotate yourself so you're able to try and balance out the pixel build up. It's gets very awkward if you have a mass of them on one side, and nothing else where. Boss battles are intense, as they're packed heavily and have a massive arsenal. In order to advance each difficulty you must destroy them, which is no easy task. I strongly recommend using a controller for this one, I found it much easier with an analog stick. The game may be very plain looking, but the music is great and certainly adds more to the game. I honestly think it would be rather boring without it. If you're sensitive to any lights I would advise avoiding the game though. There's a lot of different colours on some levels and quite a bit of flashing.

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