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Bunker Punks

Talk about a return to the classics, with some extras on it.

The gameplay is tight, responsive, and the weapons have some great impact as well. Then add in the mini base building, upgrades, and minor character customisation via weapons and armour pieces and you have all the makings for great fun. It's rare to get get an FPS that has some proper twitch controls, but that have the weapons, enemies and impact to make it all fit. There are several characters/punks in the game, and you unlock them, along with further base upgrades via Tech you acquire when raiding corporate facilities. Each Punk have their own weapons they specialize in, meaning you can tailor the base to them. Buying specific upgrades that give them bonuses, or you can go for an all round good team. So far though, it seems the only way to get to buying new Punks or upgrades is via the desert salesman, and I've only encountered him after dying, not much of an issue as when you're on a roll you're on a good role. I'd happily recommend the game to any FPS fan that likes a good twitch shooter and some retro graphics.

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