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AMD Naples Coming Q2 2017

So AMD has finally announced a launch date for Naples, their enterprise CPU line. It's coming in the second quarter; and packed to the brim with new tech.

Given how well Ryzen handles proffesional workloads, and does exceptionally well in Linux; Naples looks set to finally get AMD back into the place where it truly matters.

I believe many people will welcome some healthy competition in the enterprise market; as it usually trickles down to the HEDT, to only further benefit consumers.

I personally cannot wait to see how AMD performs in this market, and it reminds me of the high days of the Operteron. Who knows, they might even be unlocked, and Asus and other motherboard manufactures might grace us with Single Socket boards. Allowing for some whopping custom build workstations.

Coming with 32 physical cores and 64 Logical per Processor, if priced correctly, AMD is on to a real winner.

Naples tech test vs Broadwell - E

Their "Infinity-Fabric" is there to connect the CPUs, to give a 2x performance increase.

They're also doubling the memory channels to 8 per socket.

While Ryzen is currently limited to 24 Lanes I/O, Naples will be significantly upping that; to 128!

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