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Evolve Alpha Thoughts

Evolve is an Asymmetric hunting game, where you either play as a 4 person human team of hunters, or an alien monster.

The Asymmetric gameplay is very fun. Nothing like playing as a Goliath and hunting down Prey, and then humans.

Besides the Goliath I also played the Medic for a good amount, and it was very fun.

The game uses the CryEngine, and not only looks good but plays extremely well when on High, with Tessellation on and FXAA. The game does use a lot of VRAM at the moment, easily using 4+GB of graphics memory during heavy combat with lots of effects.

Effects which are fantastic looking.

Each class plays a vital role, and team play is extremely important. I would heartily recommend you play with friends as a team over voice comms. You're sure to have fun, especially if you liked games like Left 4 Dead, which was also created by the same developer.

Don't be too concerned with performance either. I managed to play and record the game at 55-60 FPS without issue on a single AMD FirePro D700.

Sadly there is no AMD Crossfire support yet, and if you have it enabled you will see horrible negative scaling. I actually ran at about 15-40fps with Crossfire on. With dips as low at 5fps.

I'm still extremely surprised how well the Alpha plays, and the performance offered so far on a single graphics card. I look forward to seeing how the Beta and final releae shape up.

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