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Guns, Gore & Cannoli

It's an extremely fun game if you like 2D scrolling shooters, similar to the likes of Metal Slug.

The story, hand drawn graphics, music, sounds effects and animations are all fantastic. It's so satisfying firing that shotgun, hearing the cartridges drop to the flaw and then it being reloaded. All in the middle of pure carnage. There are a variety of enemies, although many are well known if you've played Left 4 Dead. Which is no fault to the developers at all. There are only so many variations of zombies you can get. The 1920's setting is extremely fun, and I've always enjoyed shows, movies, and games set in the period. Guns, Gore & Cannoli is no exception. The narration is done rather well, with comments being thrown about mid fight from the protagonist Vinne; which only adds to the atmosphere of the game and your current situation. When it comes to weapons you have everything the 1920's was known for; from the world famous Tommy Gun with drum magazine to molotov cocktails and magnum revolvers. Each extremely satisfying to use in their own right. Not every enemy can be effectively taken out with any weapon, and finding the right tool for the job can be messy if you're suddenly overwhelmed by a small horde of face eaters. Even so I've been really enjoying the game and would easily recommend it. It starts off well, and keeps the awesome flowing.

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